It Begins.

On such solemn occasions as the founding of a blog I feel it is appropriate to lay down a brief introduction. A friendly greeting if you will. This new project of mine was encouraged by my friend and mentor Eamo the Ronin of Ronin Crossfit Dublin. After reading an excellent post on his personal blog I was inspired to write a piece on Carl Jungs Four Archetypes and their link to Strength and Fitness training. I’ll include that post down below this one. Eamo put it on his blog as a guest post and it seemed to go down well with those who read it. Encouraged by the unusual turn of events I thought I might try my hand at my own blog. And here we are.

I think what I enjoyed most about writing that first piece on Jungian Psychology was that it gave me a chance to link the intellectual fields that I have an interest in to the physical pursuits that I love. I got to apply wisdom from one field into a seemingly unrelated second field. I’ll admit, I got a bit of a kick out of that. Usually people are turned off by airy-fairy fancy intellectual concepts that they can’t apply to any realistic life events. It might look great on paper, but philosophy and psychology are often hard to bring into the realm of the personal. So establishing a realistic, tangible application for some academic ideal was a thoroughly enjoyable act for me. I didn’t set out to do it, it merely happened by chance after Eamo inspired me to write something.

So that’s what this blog will focus on. Modern applications. Knowledge you can live with. If you ask me what qualifications entitle me to undertake this task then I have to admit, I have none. I’m not an academic in any sense and I haven’t got a degree or a masters or any official background in psychology or philosophy or literature or anything like that. My only qualification is as a mechanic, and an engineering student. However, I do read a lot. And I mean a lot. A lot of things that no one else would want to bother wasting their time reading actually interests me hugely. Like mythology. And Shakespeare. I know, I’m a freak… But I find it doesn’t matter what you read, if you can find some connection between it and your own life then there’s a lot of insight and enjoyment to be had. As I continue to read and live then, I’ll try to make connections from the various books that I consume with modern life. Connections that we can appreciate without becoming Zen monks or studying up on Aristotles teachings. 
That’s all. I read, I think, and now it appears that I write too. I hope people enjoy what I write and that I don’t end up boring you with pointless literary trash. It begins.
May 22, 2014. Dublin.


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