To The Seas She Bids Us Go.

Once as I was a young man

To soldier I did go

And wore the flag and banner

And slept in earthen holes

I walked beneath the banner

Of the star emblazoned sky

And kept my silent vigil

As the world did pass me by

Ne’er sparing thoughts on money

I opened my poor hand

And drained the glass that passed

Unto me and to the lads

Though not all my days were jolly

All my nights not soundly slept

I ne’er thought myself unworthy

Never thought myself inept


I stared out o’er the ocean

Stood transfixed by stormy tides

That crash and toss the sailor

Far away from land and bride

I longed to cross the border

And soar upon the air

Down to crash and sink forever

In the silence of the depths

When they dragged me from my haven

Bore my body back to land

To the places that torment me

I’d have wept were I not dead

For its long since land smiled on me

Long now since life was fair

But the stars still sprawl the heavens

O’er the mountains where I slept


Let me not be long forgotten

Cast me not upon the pile

On the growing mound of bodies

Of young men who end their lives

For this island long has bore me

But she never loved me so

No this island hates her children

To the seas she bids us go


21st of April 2016. Dublin.


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