Original Shirts Now Available.

I am not exactly what you might call an artist, at least not in any visual capacity. My primary art has always been words and ideas, which is why I wrote a book

But recently I have begun to experiment with some graphic design and I’ve found it to be a really cool and cathartic experience. I’m no Da Vinci, but I’m working on it.

I’ve recently released some shirts of my own design that have been met with some favorable reviews. I began designing shirts primarily because I couldn’t find any comfortable and stylish gym-gear that wasn’t plastered with ridiculous “Snatch” and “Jerk” jokes. So I designed my own. 

The first of my designs to hit the market is entitled:


Physical training is a serious business. Men have always been defined by physical strength, and it is often the strength of prepared men that makes the difference between determined survival and a soft death.

The shirts are available in Shortsleeve Bella and Canvas Triblend in 3 colours.

Also available is an American Apparel 3/4 sleeve shirt. 

These are some of the most comfortable shirts I’ve ever worn and each of the brands has a history of high-quality merchandise.

Buy yours at: http://www.woodkern.storenvy.com


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